Common Mission Computing and Displays (CMCD)

• The CMCD is a non-proprietary Open Architecture (OA) that allows for competitive and re-competitive third party participation for MCA procurements, upgrades and sustainment. 

• A Family of Systems (FoS) product line that maximizes leveraging of hardware and software components and minimizes cost through shared investments.

• FACE conformance to enable software partitioning and the leveraging of capability software applications across platforms for significantly faster, less expensive fielding of capability to the Fleet.

• PMA-209 develops and supports common OA Commercial Off The Shelf mission computers and display processing solutions to enable timely and cost effective implementation of capabilities through the use of Hardware Open Systems Technology (HOST) and Future Airborne Capabilities Environment (FACE) standards, as a common avionics program to be leveraged across legacy Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) platforms.

• The direction of this program allows for government owned mission computers and display solutions that can be cost effectively produced, competitively procured, organically supported and technology refreshed maximizing speed to the Fleet with affordable solutions.

• PMA209 CMCD took on the challenge for both the NAE and platform PMA customers to develop standards for both hardware and software solutions that would solve OA issues.Those standards are FACE for software and HOST for hardware. MCA is a mission computer solution that incorporates both HOST and FACE standards to meet the following objectives for our platforms

• The MCA is a capability enabler which will provide a FACE conformant environment to enable faster, less expensive integration of new software based capabilities; allowing the leveraging of third party software applications and less risky software integration by partitioning new capabilities from qualified platform legacy Operational Flight Program (OFP) functionality.The MCA will employ a FoS approach to the mission computer design and development process. Hardware and software commonality of design and components will be utilized to an optimum extent while still considering individual platform performance requirements and design considerations.