Sensors Low Probability of Intercept Altimeter (LPIA)


High reliability, Low Probability of Intercept Radar Altimeter to be a drop-in replacement for existing altimeter receiver-transmitters. LPIA provides enhanced altitude range, accuracy and Mil-Std-1553 interface. Full Rate Production Contract awarded 6/05.


CV-22, CH-53K, C-2A, E-2D, NAVSUP WSS

Sensors Services:

Cradle-to-grave Low Probability of Intercept (LPIA) acquisition for platform software integration, development, modifications and maintenance. Logistics and Engineering Technical Support

• The Low Probability of Intercept Altimeter (LPIA) is an advanced technology radar altimeter Receiver Transmitter (RT) developed to replace the following existing altimeter receiver transmitters: Navy, RT-1015/APN-194, RT-1015A/APN-194, RT-1042/APN-194 and RT-1042A/APN-194. The LPIA RT equipment consists of the receiver /transmitter RT-1805/APN which is used with existing radar altimeter indicators and antennas. The LPIA RT system is intended to be common to manned and unmanned aircraft. The system will provide accurate, reliable altitude information at high angles of bank with Low Probability of Intercept capability.