Equal Employment Opportunity

Equality of opportunity is recognized as an essential element of readiness. It is vital to attracting, developing, and retaining a top-quality workforce in order to accomplish the Department of the Navy’s strategic mission. It is our policy to ensure that equal employment opportunity (EEO) is fully integrated into Naval Air System Command's (NAVAIR) mission with demonstrated commitment from leadership at all levels.

Providing equal opportunity in employment for all employees and applicants through clearly defined Human Resources (HR) and EEO policies and programs gives NAVAIR the foundation needed to proactively prevent discrimination in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability; and prohibit acts of reprisal against persons presenting or processing allegations of discrimination. Managers and supervisors share responsibility with EEO and HR personnel for successful policy and program implementation so that we can promote the full realization of equal employment opportunity through continuing affirmative programs that are efficient, responsive, and legally compliant.

Check out the Department of Navy EEO Resources here.

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