Atsugi, Japan

Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific (FRCWP)


To provide ready-for-tasking aircraft and aviation support equipment to U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Pacific Fleet forces, permanently sited in or deployed to Pacific Command (PACOM) and Central Command (CENTCOM) areas of responsibility by providing cost-effective organic and commercial depot-level rework, modification and repair of Naval Aviation weapon systems, support equipment and aeronautical components.


FRCWP’s multinational industrial base provides cost-effective, accessible and efficient peacetime support while posturing critical assets, personnel, and capabilities for wartime/mobilization.

FRCWP manages the WESTPAC Aeronautical Component Repair Program supporting the USN supply system. In-theater component repair, accomplished by prime contractors expeditiously return vital supply assets to support forward deployed squadrons.

From Guam to the Persian Gulf, FRCWP provides depot support when and where needed.


FRCWP's approximately 200 personnel located at Atsugi, Australia, Korea, Okinawa, Guam and Singapore continue to provide essential aviation depot services to fleet units ashore and afloat from the Northern Pacific westward to the Eastern United States.


Prime contractors NIPPI Corporation, Korean Airlines and Singapore Aerospace Industries accomplish Standard Depot Level Maintenance (SDLM), Integrated Maintenance Concept (IMC) and in-service repairs on all deployed USN/USMC aircraft. FRC WestPac Det. Okinawa performs in-service repairs and provides field teams to support deployed carrier battle groups in WESTPAC and the Indian Ocean. While each stateside Depot normally provides support services for fewer than 10 different Type/Model/Series aircraft, FRC WestPac's global forward-sited presence requires FRCWP to support 20 T/M/S.