NAVAIR Reserve Program

The NRP supports NAVAIR, PEOs, & COMFRC in the delivery of timely, effective and sustainable naval aviation capabilities; enabling warfighter mission success by advancing naval aviation solutions with urgency; while maintaining a mobilization-ready force able to provide unique forward-deployable capabilities and expertise to ensure warfighter dominance against current and future adversaries in defense of our nation.

Interested in joining NRP?

Email:  [email protected] 

Phone:  301-342-3028


Who we are:

250+ Officers and Enlisted, composed of URL Aviators, Aerospace Engineering Duty Officers (AEDOs), Aviation Maintenance Duty Officers (AMDOs), and various Enlisted Aviation Ratings.  During FY-20, the NRP provided 18,000+ workdays of support, to include personnel performing Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), Active Duty recalls, and Active Duty Mobilizations.

Where we are:

Our Units:

NAVAIR Headquarters Unit and Detachment

Provides operational and technical support to NAVAIR and its associated Program Executive Offices (PEOs) by leveraging fleet experienced aviators, engineers, maintenance officers and aerospace industry professionals.

Rapid Research & Development (RRD) Unit and Detachment

Provides acquisition, engineering, and Concept of Operations (CONOPS)/tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) support for RRD efforts while maintain readiness to employ systems for demonstrations or forward contingency operations.

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Headquarters Unit and Detachments

Provides engineering and logistics support to NAVAIR in-service programs. Parent unit of the Combat Aircraft Survivability and Threat Lethality (CASTL) team, which provides aircraft survivability data.

Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) Headquarters Unit and Detachments

Provides qualified maintainers as surge, operational-level assist teams to FRCs to help speed Planned Maintenance Intervals (PMI) and depot aircraft turnaround times for delivery back to the flight line.

Naval Air Weapons Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) and Detachment

Along with its Flight Test Augmentation Unit (FTAU) Detachment, provides R&D, development, acquisition, test and evaluation and Fleet Support Services to rapidly deliver advanced technologies and services to the warfighter.