Collision Avoidance Solutions (CAS)

The Collision Avoidance Solutions (CAS) team manages multiple development and procurement efforts in PMA-209 to provide safety products to Navy and Marine Corps tactical aircraft.  Programs and products developed and managed by the CAS team include:


• The Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) II is an Acquisition Category IV program that brings obstacle warning capability to the existing Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) / TAWS software algorithm. TAWS II can be hosted in a variety of existing aircraft computers. The algorithm uses aircraft sensor inputs to determine if Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) or obstacles is imminent.  The GPWS provides “look down” capability over flat earth or descending terrain.  TAWS provides additional protection from vertical terrain and delivers a “forward looking” capability and requires terrain data from DTED.  TAWS II is the next increment of the software algorithm and provides awareness of flight into obstacles and/or obstacle avoidance. TAWS II requires access to an onboard obstacle database and/or data from an active sensor for obstacle detection. The algorithm provides timely voice and/or visual warnings to prevent CFIT and obstacle incidents.


• The CH-53k TAWS effort will develop, integrate, and test the Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) / TAWS capability in the CH-53k. GPWS/TAWS reduces the likelihood of a Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) mishaps in the aircraft where this software system in integrated.

Midair Collision Avoidance Capability (MCAC)

• The Midair Collision Avoidance Capability (MCAC) is an emergent start potential Acquisition Category IV program, that provides mitigation of midair collisions, reducing preventable accidents and preserving valuable warfighter assets.

V-22 Voice and Data Recorder (K-VADR)

• The MV/CV-22B Model-K Voice and Data Recorder (K-VADR: GE P/N 180383-008), the replacement for the obsolete Crash Survivable Memory Unit (CSMU: P/N 170556-02-01), is a single Weapons Replaceable Assembly that is capable of acquiring, processing and recoding multiple aircraft inputs.  The system contains a Crash Protected Memory module consisting of an integrated armor and insulation assembly, allowing the memory module to survive a catastrophic aircraft mishap.