Tactical Aircraft Moving Map Capability (TAMMAC)

• The mission of the Tactical Aircraft Moving Map Capability (TAMMAC) team is to develop, procure, deploy and support a common tactical aircraft moving map and data loading capability, and replace current Fleet equipment such as the AN/ASQ-196 and AN/ASQ-194/215 systems. The TAMMAC team provides Digital Map Computers, Advanced Memory Units and meets new digital map performance requirements, as well as the use of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency standard data products. 

•TAMMAC is a situational awareness (SA) tool that provides the aircrew an easily assimilated graphical presentation of the aircraft's present position and the relative positions of targets, threats, terrain features, planned mission flight path, no fly zones, safe bases and other objects using existing cockpit displays. It also serves as a memory resource for the overall aircraft mission system and incorporates an improved data transfer and recording capability. The TAMMAC system maximizes commonality across user aircraft.

•TAMMAC consists of two to four Weapons Replaceable Assemblies (WRAs)

    – Digital Map Computer (DMC) or Digital Video Map Computer (DVMC)

    – Advanced Memory Unit (AMU).

    – High Speed Interface Cable (map data transfer medium between the DMC/DVMC and the AMU)

    – Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) cards used to facilitate the management of mission, maintenance and map information

•The TAMMAC program has expanded to include variants of the DMC as well as additional functionalities. The DVMC provides the capability to output digital video for the F/A-18F Advanced Crew Station (ACS). Terrain Avoidance and Awareness (TAWS) software functionality is embedded in the DMC/DVMC Operational Flight Program (OFP) providing additional situational awareness without additional systems.