AN/ARC-210(V) Radio Communications System

The AN/ARC-210(V) system is installed on over 140 airborne, seaborne and land-based DoD platforms.  It has been installed by over 40 allied and coalition partner nations around the globe

Customers: USN/USMC, USAF, US Army, USCG, DOD and Foreign coalition partners

The AN/ARC-210(V) is an evolutionary family of software reprogrammable, multi-mode radios providing the warfighter with Line-Of-Sight (LOS) UHF/VHF (AM/FM) anti-jam secure voice/data communications and Beyond LOS Satellite Communications (SATCOM).The RT-2036(C) is the 6th Generation AN/ARC-210(V).

The RT-2036(C) meets the National Security Agency mandate for Cryptographic Modernization.