Air Combat Electronics PMA-209

Scope of PMA-209

PMA-209 is NAVAIR’s executive agent for the development and management of cutting edge Air Combat Electronics systems. Established in 1988, PMA-209 is responsible for providing critical capabilities to the Warfighter in the form of common, fully developed, supportable, and reliable systems that align with the strategic and operational requirements of our platform PEO/PMA customers. By delivering the highest quality products and services – on time and within budget – PMA-209 has built a solid reputation for superior quality as well as sound business practice. Implementing state-of the-art technology solutions across the Naval Aviation Enterprise, PMA-209 meets the goal of supporting “Tomorrow’s Capabilities within Today’s Budget.”

Communication & Airborne Networking

The Communications & Airborne Networking (CAN) Team provides innovative communications solutions to the Warfighter that further critical naval strategic and operational objectives. From concept and technology development of new systems to full life cycle support of all its products, the CAN Team successfully meets emerging stakeholder requirements for interoperability in a network-centric environment.

Safety & Flight Operations

The Safety & Flight Operations (SFO) Team has a proven track record of providing vital capabilities to the Warfighter in the areas of Ground & Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems, Data Collection and Analysis, and Crash Recorders – capabilities that not only save lives but also protect valuable Department of Defense assets. These capabilities are accomplished by providing avionics instruments and systems adept at operating in an Open Architecture network and data-centric environment. By developing and implementing state-of-the art, affordable technologies that maximize current as well as future fleet readiness, the SFO team leads Naval Aviation for all Ground & Airborne Collision Avoidance systems, data collection and analysis capabilities, and functionalities.

Mission Systems

The Mission Systems (MS) Team provides capabilities essential to Naval Aviation such as enhanced situational awareness, data storage and transfer – capabilities provided by systems that are the heart of the aircraft. In supporting common hardware and software solutions, for example, internal aircraft networks, information processing, displays, and digital map systems, the MS Team enables our Navy and Marine Corps Warfighters to perform complex missions with cutting-edge technology, thus ensuring their success.

Navigation & Sensors Team

The Navigation and Sensors Team (NAST) provides vital capabilities to the Warfighter in the areas of navigation, compliance with worldwide aviation mandates, and air traffic management. These capabilities are accomplished by providing mission critical avionics instruments/systems adept at operating in a network and data-centric environment. By focusing on solutions that provide common, supportable, and innovative systems, NAST is positioned to lead naval aviation for all common navigation and sensor systems capabilities and functionalities.