Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Agile Network Gateway Link (MANGL)

Digital interoperability is the seamless integration of systems and exchange of data, across all domains and networks throughout the MAGTF, naval, joint, and coalition forces, to include communication in degraded or denied environments, to rapidly share accurate information, provide greater situational awareness, accelerate the kill chain, and enhance survivability.

The interoperability goal is to provide the required information to the right participants at the right time, in order to ensure mission success, while improving efficiency and effectiveness.

MANGL is the maturation of an innovation and experimentation effort that has been ongoing for several years.  The program merges emerging technologies to meet the MAGTF requirements. 

MANGL System components:

  • Software Reconfigurable Payload (SRP)
    • Radio that supports up to seven waveforms
    • Modular design supports the introduction of new waveforms as required
    • Embedded crypto
  • Airborne Gateway / Mesh Network Manager (MNM)
    • Provides network management
    • Provides a conduit between disparate waveforms
    • Provides the means to support data fusion
    • Provides the means for sensor off boarding
    • Allows the warfighter to conduct enroute communication
    • Allows the warfighter to generate and collaborate mission enabling products
    • Provides the following applications:
      • Kinetic Integrated Low-cost Software Integrated Tactical Combat Handheld (KILSWITCH)
      • EX-Chat
      • Digital Mission Timeline
      • Execution Checklist 

MANGL enables the seamless integration of the MAGTF in an A2AD environment while enroute and during objective area execution.