United States Navy -- Provide world-wide passenger airlift.


The C-37A is a military version of the Gulfstream V and C-37B is a military version of the Gulfstream 550 aircraft. The C-37 are low-wing, business jets powered by two turbofan engines equipped with thrust reversers capable of all-weather, long-range, high-speed non-stop flights. The NC-37B is also a military version of the Gulfstream G550 aircraft but with structural modifications to house specialized equipment unique to the Navy’s Range Support Mission.

The C-37A/B aircraft provide world-wide airlift for senior military leadership and dignitaries.



Primary Function: C-37A/B: Passenger transport; NC-37B: Range support
Date Deployed: C-37A: 2002; C-37B: 2005; NC-37B: Delivered 2018
Propulsion: C-37A: Two Rolls-Royce BR700-710A1-10 turbofan engines with thrust reversers;
                     C/NC-37B: Two Rolls-Royce BR700-710C4-11 turbofan engines with thrust reversers
Length: 96 feet 5 inches (29.38 meters)
Wingspan: 93 feet 6 inches (28.48 meters)
Height: (Tail height) 25 feet 11 inches (7.89 meters)
Weight: C-37A: Max. gross, takeoff: 90,500 lb. (41,050 kilograms);
              C/NC-37B: Max. gross, takeoff: 91,000 pounds (41,276 kilograms)
Crew: Pilot, co-pilot and crew chief, flight attendant and/or loadmaster added as required  
Passengers: C-37A: Executive compartment - 6, staff compartment - 8;
                      C-37B: Executive compartment - 4, staff compartment - 8; NC-37B: Pilot, Co-pilot and six operators
Prime Contractor: Gulfstream Aerospace

Program Status

Production Phase: Operational
Inventory: C-37A: 1; C-37B: 3; NC-37B: 1