C-26 Metroliner


United States Navy -- Provide rapid response cargo and passenger transportation as well as forward deployment logistics support and range support.


The C-26D is a military utility transport version of the Fairchild Metroliner 23 commercial light-lift aircraft. It is a multipurpose, low-wing, twin-engine business turboprop monoplane with an engine on each wing. The C-26 aircraft incorporates a cargo door with an integral air-stair door to permit easy entry and access. C-26D aircraft provide rapid-response transports for high-priority resupply and movement of key personnel to remote, unserviced or feeder sites.

The C-26A is a military utility version of the Fairchild SA227-AC Metro III commercial aircraft. It is configured with flying classroom mission equipment known as Airborne Systems Training and Research Support, 3rd Generation (ASTARS III). The aircraft is used to train students in the Airborne Systems syllabus at the USN Test Pilot School.


Primary Function: C-26D: Passenger and cargo airlift; RC/EC-26: Range support
Date Deployed: 1998
Propulsion: Two Honeywell (Garrett) TPE-331-12UAR turboprop engines
Length: 59 feet 5 inches (18 meters)
Wingspan: 57 feet (17 meters)
Height: (Tail Height) 16 feet 66 inches (5 meters)
Weight: Max. gross, take-off: 16,500 pounds (7,484 kilograms)
Airspeed: Maximum 246 knots (283 miles per hour)
Ceiling: 25,000 feet (7,620 meters)
Range: 2,025 nautical miles (3,750 kilometers)
Crew: 2
Passengers: 19
Prime Contractors:  Fairchild Aircraft Company (M7 Aerospace LLC) and Allied Signal (Garrett)

Program Status

Production Phase: Operational
Inventory: C-26D: 4; RC-26D: 2; EC-26D: 1; C-26A: 1