AIM-9X Sidewinder


The Air Intercept Missile (AIM)-9X Sidewinder is the latest of the Sidewinder family of short-range air-to-air missiles. It features a high off-boresight focal-plane array seeker mounted on a highly maneuverable airframe with a greatly improved infrared counter-countermeasures feature. The AIM-9X incorporates many AIM-9M legacy components (rocket motor, warhead and active optical target detector), but its performance far exceeds the legacy Sidewinder. Unlike previous AIM-9 models, the AIM-9X can even be used against targets on the ground.
The AIM-9X Block II is the most advanced short-range air-air missile in the U.S. inventory, capable of using its datalink, thrust vectoring maneuverability, and advanced imaging infrared seeker to hit targets behind the launching fighter. The missile provides fighter aircrew with the first shot, first kill opportunities that are essential for survival during air combat maneuvering in the visual arena. The AIM-9X delivers these opportunities with unmatched offensive and defensive capabilities against threats as well as supports air superiority in the Beyond Visual Range air-to-air battle. TheAIM-9X Block II missile provides the Joint Force with fighter aircraft lethality and survivability necessary to counter threats identified in the Chief of Naval Operations Guidance and the National Defense Strategy.


Primary Function: Air-to-air missile
Contractor: Raytheon
Power Plant: ATK MK-139 solid-propellant rocket motor
Length: 9.9 feet (3.02 meters)
Launch Weight: 186 pounds (84.37 kg)
Diameter: 5 inches (0.13 meters)
Wingspan: 17.6 inches (0.45 meters)
Range: Classified
Speed: Classified
Guidance System: Solid-state, infrared homing system
Warhead: Annular blast fragmentation