MH-53E Sea Dragon

MH-53E Sea Dragon


The MH-53E currently has two missions; one is the Airborne Mine Counter Measure (AMCM) mission and the second mission is the Navy Vertical Onboard Delivery (VOD) mission.


The MH-53E Sea Dragon incorporates Global Positioning System (GPS), Doppler radar, and an Approach/Hover/Tow Coupler.  Communications include Ultra High Frequency (UHF)/ Very High Frequency (VHF)/ High Frequency (HF) radios, secure communications capability, and Identified Friend or Foe (IFF).   The MH-53E Sea Dragon will perform the Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) mission until at least 2025.  Currently out of production.  The Navy is in the process of evaluating its requirement for both AMCM and VOD missions beyond 2025.


Fuselage Length: 73 feet, 4 inches
Overall Length: 99 feet
Height: 28 feet, 4 inches
Max Gross Weight: 69,750 pounds
Speed: 172 miles/hour (150 knots)
Ceiling: 10,000 feet (without supplemental oxygen)
Range: 885 statute miles (770 nautical miles without refueling)
Power Plant: 3 General Electric T64-GE-419 turboshaft (4,750 SHP each)
Crew: 2 pilots, 1-6 aircrew men, depending on mission
Contractor: Sikorsky Aircraft

Program Status

Production Phase: Sustainment
Inventory: 30

Updated May 2018