Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM)


The Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM) Program provides self protection capability against surface-to- air and air-to-air radar guided threats. IDECM equipment detects, identifies and manages electronic countermeasure response to radar threats.

There are currently four (4) IDECM Block configurations:

• IB-1: AN/ALQ-165 and the AN/ALE-50 Towed Decoy
• IB-2: AN/ALQ-214 and the AN/ALE-50 Towed Decoy
• IB-3: AN/ALQ-214 and the AN/ALE-55 Fiber Optic Towed Decoy (FOTD)
• IB-4: AN/ALQ-214 ECP

IDECM Blocks 1-3 when integrated with F/A-18E/F provide incremental, significant, improvement in survivability against RF threats. IDECM Block 4 is an ECP to the ALQ-214(V)3 which will result in an ALQ-214 configuration suitable for use on the F/A-18C/D (replacing the ALQ-126B) and the F/A-18E/F (with either the ALE-55 or ALE-50 towed decoy).

The ALQ-165 is post production. The ALE-50 and ALQ-214(V)3 are Full Rate Production (FRP). The ALE-55 is in Low Rate Production, an FRP decision planned 2011. The ALQ-214(V)4 ECP is in development, production cut-in is planned for 2012.


Primary Function: Strike Aircraft RF Self Protect
Contractors: Joint Venture, BAE, ITT
Date Deployed: IB-1 2002, IB-2 2004, IB-3 2012 (planned), IB-4 2014 (planned)
Height: N /A
Weight: N/A

Program Status

Production Phase: Various
Inventory: Various