The AN/AAQ-24(V)25, DoN LAIRCM system combines advanced, two-color Infrared Missile Warning System (MWS) and Directed Laser Countermeasures to defeat shoulder-launched missiles fired at aircraft. The system will be deployed on a total of 156 United States Marine Corps (USMC) CH-53E, CH-53D and CH-46E medium-lift and heavy-lift, assault support helicopters to meet the USMC urgent needs for a “…state-of-the-art, reliable, carrier-based and land-based Missile Warning System (MWS) and Infrared Countermeasure (IRCM).”

The DoN LAIRCM system consists of five major components: Five Infrared (IR) MWS sensors; a dedicated Central Processor; a Control Indicator Unit (CIU) for cockpit display; two Pointer-Tracker/Jamming Subsystems or Guardian Laser Tracker Assemblies (GLTA) consisting of four-axis stabilized gimbaled system, a Fine Track Sensor (FTS) and a ViperTM laser.

Since 2006, system has been tested at Tonopah Test Range, White Sands Live-missile firing test range as well as flight tests on CH-46 and CH-53 aircraft. All hardware and software is qualified and validated prior to range and flight test using OEM and independent Modeling and Simulation. Operational Test was completed in June 2009.

Initial deployment began in January 2009 and will continue fielding through 2012. This advanced Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) provides the most sophisticated IRCM system fielded on DOD aircraft today and enables aircraft to operate in all battlefield threat conditions providing maximum aircraft and aircrew survivability.


Primary Function: Helicopter Aircraft Survivability
Contractor: Northrop Grumman Corporation
Date Deployed: January 2009
Height: NA
Weight: Total LAIRCM System (2 turret): 196 lbs.

Program Status

ACAT: ACAT II, Special Interest
Production Phase: In Production
Inventory: 30 delivered; 156 Total Inventory