Compact Swaging Machine (CSM)


The CSM is an advanced hydraulic system that uses up to 800 tons of pressure to swage a terminal onto an aircraft carrier purchase cable. This terminal connects to the cross deck pendant that stretches across the flight deck which engages the arresting hook of an awaiting aircraft allowing for a smooth, controlled arrestment.

The CSM provides a safe, highly automated process compared to the current hazardous molten zinc-poured socket terminal replacement method. The current time-intensive process requires four to six Sailors and can take up to 12 hours to complete.

The CSM requires only one Sailor and forms the replacement terminal in an hour, keeping arresting engines ready to recover aircraft.


Primary Function: Carrier aircraft recovery
Contractor: Creare
Date Deployed: N/A
Program Status: ACAT: Program designated as an Abbreviated Acquisition Program (AAP)
Production Phase: In test and evaluation
Inventory: Planned for 25 production units