Advanced Development Team


The future of PMA-234 Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) must include aggressive and innovative use of new technology to produce operationally relevant and sustainable, non-kinetic weapon systems quickly and affordably. Operational relevance requires detection and identification of, and the ability to counter, new, unknown, complex threats, in signal dense environments, at increased range with reliable threat awareness, threat avoidance, and effectiveness metrics. 

The PMA-234 Advanced Development (ADEV) Integrated Product Team focuses the efforts of science and technology, advanced techniques group/advanced capabilities, Jammer Technique Optimization (JATO) and joint warfighter organizations to deliver technology roadmaps, trade study analyses, and funding inputs to shape the future for the Navy's AEA programs.

The team provides Electronic Warfare (EW) technique development; conducts long-term assessment of future technology and techniques for incorporation into operational weapon systems; develops advanced modeling and simulation systems; and develops a common, flexible, standardized architecture that is reliable, easily upgradable, reconfigurable, and maintainable to facilitate rapid technique development and portability.

A large portion of ADEV is the JATO team, which ensures that our warfighters achieve the maximum effectiveness from our current systems. JATO focuses on the development of the most optimal jamming algorithms and techniques, as well as up-to-date tactics, techniques, and procedures for operational use. JATO utilizes warfighter lessons learned, the EW database, and engineering, software, and hardware development expertise to maximize warfighter effectiveness.

The JATO team leverages laboratories and ranges at Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division Point Mugu, California; Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane, Indiana; and the Naval Research Laboratory, as well as university-affiliated research center subject matter experts. JATO supports the EA-18G Growler, ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System, Next Generation Jammer, Intrepid Tiger II, and Miniature Air-Launched Decoy Navy programs with real time threat and Area of Responsibility specific guidance, modeling and simulation, and lab, ground and flight tests.