One of the eight MH-60 aircraft currently undergoing scheduled depot-level maintenance at NIPPI Corporation’s facility located just outside of Naval Air Facility Atsugi.

Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific increases maintenance capacity to accelerate Naval aviation readiness

Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific (FRC WESTPAC) and contracted industrial partner, NIPPI Corporation, are working with newly increased capacity to help the U.S. Navy meet their aviation readiness and sustainment goals for the MH-60 Seahawk aircraft.

For the first time in the 70-year partnership between FRC WESTPAC and NIPPI Corporation, eight H-60 aircraft fill NIPPI’s aviation facility located just outside Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan. The newfound capacity is attributed to a recently awarded $56.1M, multi-year contract that allows for additional inductions to help meet the readiness requirements of the Naval Aviation Enterprise. 

“Our mission here at FRC WESTPAC is to perform the required depot-level maintenance and return safe, mission-ready aircraft to the Fleet as quickly as possible. If there are aircraft in need of repair and we have the capacity to induct it, then we are happy to take on that workload. We pride ourselves on accelerating readiness for the Naval Aviation Enterprise to ensure they’re ready for whatever the mission requires. And that goes for any Type/Model/Series that we currently support, not just H-60 aircraft,” said FRC WESTPAC Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Kevin M. Ryan.

Last fiscal year, FRC WESTPAC performed Planned Maintenance Intervals (PMI) on 10 MH-60 aircraft, and this year are on track to service 14, a 40% increase year over year. In addition to scheduled maintenance work increase, the command also performs in-service repair (ISR) work on MH-60 aircraft and has completed 59 repairs so far this fiscal year.   

“I am thrilled with the increased performance that we are seeing at FRC WESTPAC and the feedback we are receiving from our U.S. Navy and Marine Corps customers deployed around the world. This success is due to the hard work and dedication of the FRC WESTPAC team and our industrial partners who help carry out the mission,” said Ryan.

By the end of fiscal year 2021, FRCWP is trending to complete PMI on 35 aircraft, overhaul 140 pieces of support equipment, and perform roughly 500 ISR jobs to support deployed U.S. Navy and Marine Corps forces.

About Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific:

Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific (FRC WESTPAC) is a global maintenance, repair, and overhaul solution dedicated to sustaining and optimizing the performance of U.S. military aviation assets. Utilizing a carefully-selected global network of foreign commercial industry partners, skilled federal artisans, and military specialists, FRC WESTPAC provides customers with scheduled and responsive, in-service maintenance and repair support wherever their missions take them. FRC WESTPAC is proud to support 15+ different models of aircraft including both the U.S. military’s newest and longest-serving aviation assets.

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