C-12 Huron


United States Navy/United States Marine Corps -- A multi-mission aircraft that provides high-priority transportation for personnel and cargo, range clearance, courier flights, medical evacuation, and humanitarian rescue or assistance, multi-engine pilot training and testing assets.


The UC-12F/M Huron is the military version of the King Air 200 aircraft manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The UC-12W Huron is a modified version of Hawker Beechcraft’s King Air 350 and is a modern and improved variant of the UC-12F/M. The Huron is a low-wing, T-tail monoplane with two turboprop engines. The cabin can be readily configured to accommodate passengers, cargo or both.


Primary Function: Light passenger and cargo airlift
Date Deployed: UC-12F: 1986; UC-12M: 1987; UC-12W: 2010
Propulsion: UC-12F/M: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 turboprop engines; UC-12W: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6a-60A turboprop engines
Length: UC-12F/M: 43 feet 10 inches (13 meters); UC-12W: 46 feet 8 inches
Height: UC-12F/M: 15 feet (4.57 meters); UC-12W: 14 feet 4 inches (4.39 meters)
Weight: UC-12F/M: Max. gross, take-off: 13,500 pounds (6,123 kilograms); UC-12W: Max. gross, take-off: 16,500 pounds (7,484 kilograms)
Airspeed: UC-12F/M: 294 knots (334 miles per hour); UC-12W: 304 knots (344 miles per hour)
Ceiling: 35,000 feet (10,668 meters)
Range: UC-12F/M: 1,974 nautical miles (3,658 kilometers); UC-12W: 2,345 nautical miles (4,221 kilometers)
Crew: Two
Prime Contractor:  Textron Aviation

Program Status

: ACAT IVM program
Production Phase: In production/operational
Inventory: 8
Projected Inventory: 11

Production Phase: 
Inventory: UC-12F – Navy: 6; USMC: 4; UC-12M – Navy: 7; USMC: 2