Naval aviators train on E-2D distributed readiness trainers, which are training devices capable of elements of two, five crewmember aircraft to conduct a single training scenario simultaneously and execute the full list of tactics, techniques, and procedures. (U.S. Navy Photo)

Navy installs E-2D Distributed Readiness Trainers improving readiness, capability

The aircrew from the E2-D Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 125 (VAW-125) recently completed two weeks of on-site readiness training following the installation of two E-2D Distributed Readiness Trainers (D-DRTs) by the Naval Aviation Training Systems and Ranges program office (PMA-205).  

These medium fidelity trainers contain a complete mock-up of the E-2D weapons system and are available via commercial off-the-shelf components, allowing them to be operational faster than higher fidelity trainers. The D-DRT uses touch screen technology and are less expensive to maintain than the legacy trainers, which improves reliability and reduces lifecycle costs.  

“Our ability to cycle through reps and sets of advanced tactics, techniques and procedures in a short amount of time will make the warfighter more lethal at a much lower cost to the taxpayer,” said David Adams, PMA-205 Training Systems integrated product team lead.  

The devices were installed to coincide with the squadron’s return from deployment, for use immediately upon return. PMA-205 team members were on hand to provide instruction on their operation. “The event provided VAW-125 an increased level of combat readiness and the ability to maintain combat effectiveness without costly travel to traditional training locations,” said PMA-205 program manager, Capt. Lisa Sullivan.  

A multidisciplinary PMA-205 team conducted the training and provided aircrew with “hands-on” instruction to learn how to operate the devices and get the most out of their training. The trainers can accommodate an E-2D element of two, five crewmember aircraft to conduct a single training scenario simultaneously and execute the full list of tactics, techniques, and procedures.   

Cmdr. Ryan Mann, executive officer of the E-2 Weapons School, stated, “These devices have received a significant amount of positive feedback from the E-2D community, and it is very excited about its capabilities” Future developments and iterations of the D-DRT will add additional capability to improve readiness.  

About PMA-205 

PMA-205 provides full life-cycle acquisition of naval aviation training platforms, general training systems, training range instrumentation systems, and distributed mission training centers to provide Navy and Marine Corps pilots, naval flight officers, aircrew, and maintainers with the training equipment required to provide superior capability and operational readiness. The program office manages flight simulators, part-task trainers, maintenance trainers, airborne and underwater training range instrumentation, threat systems, and associated curricula to ensure optimum performance for naval aviation.   


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