Cartridge Actuated Devices / Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD)

PADs include such devices as catapults, rocket catapults and rocket motors which are used in military aircrew escape systems. All catapults, rocket catapults and rocket motors currently in use are solid-propellant devices. In conjunction with various CADs and other life-support equipment, PADs power the ejection system utilized to eject aircrew members safely from disabled aircraft. Both CADs and PADs contain the energetic material along with a mechanical or electronic actuating component.

The two principal types of CADs are those that respond instantaneously to the initiation stimulus and those that provide a delayed response. Instantaneous cartridges (delay of less than 50 milliseconds) are referred to as impulse cartridges. The delay cartridges have controlled variable delay times (.25 to 2-plus seconds) and are utilized to sequence the ejection system in both primary and back-up modes. The design and function of these devices vary widely in complexity; however, the purpose of each is to power the various components of the ejection/safety system.

The Navy and Marine Corps utilize 684 distinct devices.

CAD/PAD is a Navy-led joint program.

Platforms: All fixed wing and rotary wing platforms, missile systems, personnel gear and shipboard fire suppression systems.