BQM-177A (U.S. Navy photo)



The BQM-177A replicates modern subsonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ASCM) threats in support of fleet training and developmental/ operational testing of major Department of Defense (DoD) and international weapon systems.

The target supports various mission requirements by carrying a wide array of internal and external payloads including scoring, Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF), passive active RF augmentation; infrared (IR) augmentation, electronic countermeasures, chaff and flare dispensing; and tow targets.



Length: 194"
Wingspan: 84"
Weight (lbs): 
Empty: 625
Full Fuel: 1073
Launch w/RATOs: 1266
Speed: Max at Low Altitude: 0.9 (580 KTAS) @ 10 ft
Range: 300 nmi = Most Efficient Speed @ 20K ft 150 nmi = 0.90M @ 50 ft AGL