Air ASW Systems


Develop, procure, field, and sustain effective and affordable ASW capability for the Air ASW warfighter.


Air launched, expendable, electro-mechanical sensors designed to relay underwater sounds associated with ships and submarines to remote processors (AN/SSQ-36, AN/SSQ-53, AN/SSQ-62, AN/SSQ-101, and AN/SSQ-125); currently support the MH-60R and P-8A platforms

Multi-Static Active Coherent (MAC)

Active acoustic search system brings coherent acoustic source technology (SSQ-125) and improved signal processing to the air multi-static active ASW mission set; planned MAC Enhancements (MAC-E) capabilities will include increased search rate, clutter reduction, and Operator-Machine Interface improvements.

Airborne ASW Intelligence (AAI)

Supports Fleet ASW intelligence collection efforts and conducts quick turnaround of threat unit analysis for tactical exploitation; enables rapid development and insertion of advanced technology capabilities into airborne ASW platforms.

Advanced Development

Identifies and pursues the right Air ASW capability for the highest priority ASW gaps.