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Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM)

Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) is an Army led program managed by PEO Missiles and Space, Joint Attack Munitions Systems (JAMS) Project Office.

JAGM provides an improved air-to-ground missile capability. It is a precision-guided munition for use against high value stationary, moving, and relocatable land and maritime targets. JAGM utilizes a multi-mode seeker to provide precision point and fire-and-forget targeting day or night in adverse weather, battlefield obscured conditions and against a variety of countermeasures. A multi-purpose warhead provides lethal effects against a range of target types, from armored vehicles, thin-skinned vehicles and maritime patrol craft to urban structures and field fortifications. JAGM delivers the Joint Services a single air-to-ground missile with improved lethality, operational flexibility, and a reduced logistics footprint.

JAGM incorporates a guidance section capable of precision point targeting using a Semi Active Laser (SAL) sensor, fire and forget targeting using Millimeter Wave (MMW) radar, and a targeting capability that leverages both radar and laser targeting capabilities for maximum operational flexibility. JAGM leverages the fielded and combat proven HELLFIRE II Romeo (AGM-114R) propulsion, warhead and control sections. The JAGM system will be compatible with all joint rotary wing and fixed Wing aircraft that are compatible with the HELLFIRE II missile.

Program Status

The JAGM weapon system is in the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase.


Length: 70 Inches
Weight: 115 pounds
Propulsion: Solid rocket motor
Warhead: A multi-purpose warhead consisting of a shaped-charge packaged within a fragmenting case
Platforms: U.S. Army Apache AH-64 and U.S. Marine Corps AH-1Z
Target Sets: Combat vehicles, air defense units, transporter erector launcher, buildings, bunkers, maritime patrol craft, and command, control, communications, and intelligence nodes