Aerial view of Lakehurst with procurement overlay


The NAWCAD Lakehurst Procurement Department has unlimited procurement authority for the acquisition of materials, services and equipment for the NAWCAD and Naval Air Systems Command as assigned. The requirements for the contractual procurements placed upon the Procurement Department range from relatively straightforward material acquisitions to highly complex research and development or test and evaluation service efforts and major weapons systems.

Department professionals perform cradle to grave acquisition support that includes, but not limited to, review procurement requests; prepare requests for proposals; analyze proposals with detailed cost/price analyses; negotiate award contracts to large and small businesses and provide post-award services throughout the period of performance. 

The department goals are:

  • Attain and maintain a skilled workforce and manage data and information, which will enable delivery of products and services to the Warfighter.
  • Ensure effective, timely, cost conscious and ethical contract actions/deals resulting in the delivery of quality goods and services to the Warfighter.
  • Provide customers with sound business guidance and support the Integrated Product Team/Program Manager/customer through the acquisition process.