Sailors practice rigging a damaged aircraft with a crash crane

Common Support Equipment (CSE)

The Navy has more than 100,000 items of Support Equipment (SE) with operational and maintenance activities across the globe. To keep up with emerging technologies and the changing needs of the fleet, NAWCAD Lakehurst makes use of its technical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to meet the growing demand. 
PSE refers to specialized equipment for a specific aircraft while CSE refers to equipment that can be used on any aircraft. Examples of CSE include tow tractors or weapon loaders. Generally less costly and requiring few pieces, the use of CSE is maximized to the greatest extent possible by the U.S. Navy, creating a need to develop, maintain and enhance CSE solutions for future technologies.

CSE includes a wide range of products; some of the many CSE products designed and developed by NAWCAD Lakehurst include: 
  • Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) 
  • Heavy Maintenance Crane 
  • Jet Engine Test Instrumentation (JETI) 
  • Large Land Based Air Conditioner (LBAC) 
  • Next-generation munitions handler 
  • Shipboard Helo Handler (SHH)

To support the CSE needs of the fleet, NAWCAD Lakehurst provides a variety of capabilities. From designs, studies and simulations related to CSE, to the development of specifications and the acceptance and evaluation of CSE, NAWCAD Lakehurst provides complete cradle-to-grave support for CSE. A full suite of software products, which include Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD and Labview, to name a few, combine with 3D printers to make quick turnarounds possible.

The overall goal is to reduce the life cycle costs and provide consistently reliable CSE products. NAWCAD LKE also aims to support acquisitions in a technical capacity as well as advocate for common cross-platform avionics SE solutions.