Augmented Reality Remote Support Service

Mission Operations and Integration

The NAWCAD Lakehurst Mission Operations & Integration (MO&I) Department is a mission-aligned interdisciplinary group that provides a wide spectrum of expertise, services and products that are focused on the mission areas of Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE), Support Equipment (SE) and other customers to deliver outcomes. The department collaborates with other NAWCAD and NAWCAD Lakehurst departments to achieve mission success.

MO&I provides three areas of expertise, products and services:


Logistics and Maintenance Integration

Provides subject matter expertise and highly-focused logistics and maintenance products and services in support of SE and ALRE initiatives and programs-of-record.  

  • Design Interface & Maintenance Planning
  • Technical Data
  • Training & Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • Metrology & Calibration (METCAL)


Engineering Integration

Provides subject matter expertise and highly-focused engineering products and services in support of SE and ALRE initiatives and programs-of-record.

  • System Safety / R&M
  • Air-Ship Integration
  • Materials Engineering
  • Cost Analysis/Estimating/Scheduling/EVM
  • System Standardization
  • Packaging, Handling, Shipping and Transportation (PHS&T)


Digital Engineering

Focuses on the Digital Transformation for the NAWCAD Lakehurst workforce and wider SE and ALRE community. Its mission includes performing independent cyber risk assessments, the development and maintenance of digital tools and infrastructure, advanced data analytics, unified communication and the oversight of capabilities and facilities required to support the live, virtual and constructive initiatives of the command.

  • Cyber
  • Enterprise Tools
  • Labs and Infrastructure
  • Data and Cyber Analytics
  • Strategic Technologies
  • Design and Analysis

Digital Engineering seeks to:

  • Provide NAWCAD Lakehurst with a range of innovative technology and processes that enable rapid development and collaboration
  • Enhance the informed decision-making capabilities of NAWCAD Lakehurst and other partners through the use of strategic information management and analytics
  • Identify and proactively foster technological advancements that SE and ALRE partners can use to increase speed and performance to the fleet
  • Highlight cybersecurity as a performance metric and provide an independent, objective, repeatable assessment capability to measure it
  • Ensure that digital products contribute to, rather than detract from, workplace productivity and morale