Guided Bomb Unity being loaded onto F-35B

Peculiar Support Equipment (PSE)

Platform Peculiar Support Equipment (PSE) refers to equipment that has been specially designed or created for a particular aircraft. Due to its uniqueness and associated costs, the U.S. Navy must remain vigilant and diligent in ensuring the fleet gets the right equipment at the right price. AIR-4.8.6, the cognizant Technical Authority for both Common Support Equipment (CSE) and PSE, works to ensure PSE fully meets the demands of the fleet.

NAWCAD Lakehurst provides PSE support for a wide range of aircraft programs, including: AH-1W, AV-8B, C/MH-53E, E-2C, E-6/TACAMO, EA-6B, ES-3A, F-14, F/A-18C/D/E/F&G, H-60B/F/H/R.S, JSF, P-3C, P-8, T-6A, T-45, V-22 and UAV.

Prior and post fleet introduction, PSE undergoes rigid engineering processes to ensure the end products are fully capable of supporting fleet needs. Specifically, AIR-4.8.6 performs a variety of functions related to PSE. These include the test and evaluation of PSE; the install, design, planning and execution; fleet introduction; and in-service engineering support.