Undersea Programs

The Undersea Programs manages training programs, systems, and products relating to undersea weapon systems, platforms and environment, including submarines, submarine systems, integrated undersea surveillance, deep submergence and other related systems; and support for undersea-related training provided by Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) and its subordinate commands.

   United States Navy's Submarine Escape Trainer, an 84,000-gallon trainer, currently empty for maintaince                                                                                                                                                      

Onboard a submarine, the worst case scenario is having a situation where you have to abandon the submarine while submerged. Pictured to the left is the United States Navy's 84,000-gallon capacity escape trunk in the Submarine Escape Trainer which allows submariners to train how to properly escape a submarine from a depth of fifteen feet below the surface in a controlled enviornment, having been drained to undergo scheduled maintaince during the winter break in training.

   An instructor directs damage control students The Fire Fighter Trainer


 The Fire Fighting Trainer pictured at the left is located in Kings Bay Georgia and is used to keep the proficency of Damage Control crews onboard US Submarines at maximum during pre-deployment training cycles; this trainer and others like it are absolutely critical in not only helping submariners keep their skills sharp but in the case of one at Groton is used to train Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS) sailors in learning how to battle fires in the cramped environment that a submarine has.

  Ship control simulator at Trident Training Facility in Bangor, Wash.


 The controls for a submarine are very different from a surface ship considering that a submarine not only has to left and right but they also have to ascend and descend through the ocean depths; thus the Ship Control Simulator pictured is used to train not only Midshipmen hoping to become submariners but also for qualified submariners to keep their skills fresh while the submarine they are also to is undergoing something like an overhaul or during a pre-deployment training cycle.