The Program Director for cross-warfare (PDX) manages training programs, systems, services, and products related to individual training, joint services, cross and multiple warfare areas, non-DoD systems and applications, and Command directed areas of interest. Typical projects in this directorate are those supporting Naval education and training claimancy, special operations, Joint Forces Command, the modeling and simulation community and organizations external to the DoD, such as Department of Homeland Security. The directorate is often the incubator for leveraging emerging technologies or non-traditional training methodologies such as leveraging gaming and entertainment industry techniques.

       USS Taylor BST 21 during commissioning                            

 USS Trayor BST 21 is a 210-foot long replica of an Areligh Burke class Guided Missile Destroyer and is used at the Navy's only boot camp in Great Lakes, Il. as the final exam for Navy recruits. 


 The HC-144A is a twin-turboprop aircraft used by the United States Coast Guard in the Maritime Patrol as well as Search and Rescue missions, the aircraft is supplementing the HC-130H Heracles and replacing the older HU-25 Guardian which was used in much the same role. Thus in order to train crews on the new aircraft, the HC-144A Operational Flight Simulator was created. 

       Cross Warfare P-3 Air Crew Tactical Team Trainer                            

 The P-3C Orion is one of the two long-range Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)/Maritime Survillance Patrol aircraft that is currently in use within the United States Navy. The Cross Warfare P-3 Air Crew Tactical Team Trainer or (PACT3) is revoluntionary as it provides for the first time, PC-based training capability for the P-3 that can be reused with very minor flight dynamics model modifications to represent the Navy’s  Navy's newer P-8 Poseidon, which is the P-3s replacement.