FRCs deliver effective, efficient and affordable flightline readiness through a globally managed, responsive and integrated sustainment system in support of fleet priorities.



The FRC enterprise vision is to become a 21st Century, world-class Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organization in support of naval aviation and Department of Defense customers and to be the provider of choice for naval aviation MRO.


  • Customer Focus

    • We value those who keep promises to our customers.
    • We value those who exhibit honesty, integrity, and absolute transparency with our customers.
    • We value those who view each customer’s need as an opportunity for innovation and challenge the status quo to achieve solutions.
    • We value those who take the responsibility and feel the obligation to ensure our customers are successful.
  • Team-Work

    • We value those who work in a collaborative, friendly, and respectful manner with their co-workers.
    • We value the richness of diversity in our people, diversity in representation, and the diversity of thought in all problem solving.
    • We value professional debate, critical thinking, and respectfully questioning each other’s assumptions.
    • We value teamwork and firmly believe “We are smarter than I am”.
  • Competence

    • We value those who place safety and quality first in the performance of their work.
    • We value honest and accurate performance feedback from any source.
    • We value those who base their discussions and decisions on known facts, data, and credible information.
    • We value those who are disciplined in their approaches to problem solving.
    • We value those who understand, exhibit, and defend the technical conscience.
    • We value those who take on the hard issues as opportunities for creating a new way of doing business.
  • Professionalism

    • We value those who build credibility in each position they hold.
    • We value those who seek new responsibilities and new experiences.
    • We value those who recognize their own developmental needs and seek help in meeting them.
    • We value those who help others identify their developmental needs and help them to progress.