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MiMoCloud is developing automated tools for the identification, processing, and storage of the most critical and pertinent data collected by a wide variety of complex sensors using a patented cloud computing platform. MiMoCloud relies on a novel platform called the Cloud-G platform that serves multiple sensors with shared parallel processing. This platform has two key components:
• Sensors, that digitize sensed parameters, forwarding data to shared processors; and
• A high performance energy efficient computing (HiPEEC) cluster that serves multiple sensors. The HiPEEC cluster includes processing hardware such as General Purpose Processors (GPP) accelerated with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) or Graphics Processing Units (GPU) etc.

MiMoCloud has been funded by three SBIR/STTRs to apply this platform to compress data collected in the following applications; mine hunting, ship to shore communications, and wind tunnels testing. Types of sensors include Cameras, Lidars, Sonars,hyperspectral sensors, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, etc.

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387 Technology Drive
College Park, MD, 20742
Tejbir Singh Phool

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