Partnering with Us


NAWCWD provides a variety of services to our non-federal customers as well as to our traditional Department of Defense customers and other federal agencies. For information on how we can support your specific needs, please contact us.

Small Business Contractors

NAVAIR’s Office of Small Business Programs is a valuable resource that enables the best solutions for the warfighter. We are advocates for NAVAIR’s strategic priorities: increase speed to the fleet; deliver integrated & interoperable war fighting capabilities; and improve affordability. Achieving these priorities requires the entrepreneurial skills of small and large businesses.

If you are a prospective contractor, please contact the Small Business Office at 760-793-6572 or at [email protected]


NAWCWD Long Range Acquisition Forecast October 2023


Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) ‒ Partnerships

CRADAs are legal agreements between a government research and development laboratory and a non-Navy partner to cooperatively conduct work in a given technical area and share in the technical results derived from the joint effort. It can save both industry and the government laboratory costs and valuable time to achieve mutually desirable results.

If you would like to partner with NAWCWD in a jointly shared and funded project via a CRADA, please contact the Technology Transfer Office at 760-384-8149.

For more information click here: Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs).


Commercial Service Agreements (CSAs) ‒ Commercial Customers

Commercial Service Agreements (CSAs) allow private industry access to Department of Defense ranges, facilities, and the technical workforce through special authorities granted by Congress. This Title 10 authority allows CSA work in three specific areas: testing, other services, and use of facilities; range testing; and sale of articles. All work is performed on a cost reimbursable basis. Some of the services available under CSAs include technical assistance, engineering analysis, consulting, data analyses, instrumented range testing, equipment repair, software development and testing, and fabrication/sale of articles.

Work performed under CSAs must be in the interest of national defense, non-interfering with NAWCWD’s mission, cost reimbursable, and free from competition with private industry. Customers pay in advance (either in full or incrementally) all direct and indirect costs. Unexpended funding is returned to the customer following the conclusion of the work effort. 

To inquire about using our extensive research, development, acquisition, test and evaluation capabilities, please contact the CSA Program Manager at 760-939-0707.

For more information click here: Commercial Service Agreements (CSAs).


Patent License Agreement

A Patent License Agreement enables industry to leverage patented government technology.


NAWCWD Patents and technology