Support Equipment Rework Facility

USN - SERF Officer

The Support Equipment Rework Facility (SERF) is dedicated to providing our Fleet Marine Corps and Naval forces with the highest quality of depot-level maintenance, engineering, manufacture and overhaul of naval aviation support equipment (SE). In addition to a high-quality product, the depot ensures this support is delivered on time and at the least cost. By working smarter, improving processes, focusing on quality and enlisting the support and involvement of the entire work force, the depot continues to be a model of quality and productivity improvement. For all the employees at the SERF Atsugi, "Service to the Fleet" is not just a motto; it's a commitment.

Once a piece of SE equipment is inducted, its condition is examined and evaluated to determine how much repair work must be done. Based on this evaluation, skilled artisans, mechanics and technicians are able to disassemble the support equipment, fix the reported problems and returned the newly repaired item back to the customer.

Military personnel demand a great deal from their engines, so repairs on these critical parts must be accurate and reliable. As engines and parts are removed from the piece of support equipment, they are routed to the various in-house shops for maintenance. The depot's highly skilled artisans completely overhaul, assemble and test a wide range of support equipment engines before they are reinstalled in the overhauled piece of SE.

SERF is actively committed to serve organizational and intermediate-level fleet activities through early identification and resolution of supply, maintenance and design-related problems. Daily interaction with the fleet and the depot establishes the broad base of expertise needed to solve problems and reduce ownership costs throughout the support equipment lifecycle.

The range of depot workload completed through the "Other Support" programs provides the required depot support to meet the immediate need of fleet units, land or sea, worldwide. Through this program, the depot supplies field teams, fleet training, engineering support and sling load testing. Such services have been critical in meeting the needs of fleet units.

Field teams travel to the activities in our Area of Responsibility and provide depot- level training and maintenance support on that activity's troubled SE. In one year's time, for example, the depot sent more than seven field teams to five military bases. SERF field teams are all but eliminating the gap between the Fleet's funded SE rework allotment and their SE requirement on ship and shore. The field team support provided by SERF is a force multiplier in providing enhanced readiness directly to the Warffighter.