About FRC WestPac

Provide Quality Depot Level Aviation Maintenance for all Navy and Marine Corps Forces outside the United States thru:
Scheduled Maintenance with International Commercial Partners for 12 Type, Model, Series Aircraft
On call unscheduled maintenance through In-Service Repair for all Type, Model, Series
Support Equipment Overhaul
Forward Deployed Engineering Presence
Pacific Theater Aircraft Component Repair

By providing in-theater engineering, logistics, and maintenance in a manner, which demonstrates our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we provide high quality goods and services delivered on time, at competitive prices, and tailored to our customer's unique requirements. Our multinational industrial base provides cost-effective, accessible, and efficient peacetime support while posturing critical assets, personnel, and capabilities for wartime/mobilization. We conscientiously establish safe and environmentally sound procedures for the protection of human and environmental health. We establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and contractors. From the Mediterranean through the Middle East and Asia to Guam, we provide depot support where and when its needed.

Aircraft Repair: Our prime contractors, NIPPI Corporation, Korean Airlines, Korea Aerospace Industries, and Defense Support Services accomplish Integrated Maintenance Concept (IMC) depot maintenance and In-Service Repairs (ISR) on all deployed USN/USMC aircraft. Our Operations Department performs ISR and provides field teams to support all deployed carrier strike groups. Whereas each stateside Depot normally provides support services for fewer than 10 different Type/Model/Series (TMS) aircraft, FRC WestPac's global forward-sited presence means we are required to support all deployed T/M/S.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Repair (SERF): Located in Atsugi, Japan, SERF provides depot level overhaul of support equipment from all units forward deployed with a very experienced Japanese civilian workforce.

Component Repair: We manage the WESTPAC Aeronautical Component Repair Program supporting the USN supply system. In-theater component repair, accomplished by our prime contractor, expeditiously returns vital supply assets to support forward deployed squadrons.

World Class Forward Deployed Depot Maintenance






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