MQ-8B Fire Scout

The MQ-8B equipped systems have deployed from Guided Missile Frigates (FFG) and Littoral Combat Ships (LCS). With vehicle endurance greater than five hours, a system equipped with three MQ-8B air vehicles is capable of 12 continuous hours of operations providing coverage 110 nautical miles from the launch site


Overall Length: 31.5 ft
Weight: zero fuel weight - 2,000 lbs; std day fuel and payload, 3,150 lbs
Max Speed: 85 kts
Cruise Speed: 80 kts
Service Ceiling: 12,500 ft
Std. Day Max Endurance (w/300 lb payload): 5.5 hrs
Contractor: Northrop Grumman Unmanned Systems

Program Status

ACAT: ACAT 1C Program
Production Phase: Sustainment