ITALD (U.S. Navy photo)

ITALD (U.S. Navy photo)



The ADM-141C Improved Tactical Air Launched Decoy (ITALD) is an air launched radar decoy used to stimulate enemy air defense systems by presenting a realistic threat signature, both in radar cross section and flight characteristics. The ITALD can be launched from the Multiple Ejector Rack (MER) or Triple Ejector Rack (TER) family of bomb racks, from fighter and attack aircraft. After launch, the ITALD starts its 150 lbs thrust turbojet engine and is capable of sustained flight at altitudes from 500 ft AGL to 30,000 ft MSL. The ITALD is capable of a maximum Mach number greater than 0.8 and range over 160 nmi with a normal flight time of 20 minutes.


Length: 168.25 inches                               
Wingspan: 39.52 inches
Weight: 620 pounds
Speed: Maximum, Mach 4.0
Range: 90-105 nmi