AQM-37C (U.S. Navy graphic)

AQM-37C (U.S. Navy graphic)



The AQM-37 is an air launched, pre-programmed, non-recoverable supersonic target, powered by a liquid bi-propellant rocket motor used by the US Navy and NATO nations. The target missile was initially developed in 1962, and has been continually updated for improved performance. The current version flies at altitudes ranging from 1,000 feet above the surface to 100,000 feet at speeds up to Mach 4.0. The AQM-37, with special software has flown simulated ballistic missile profiles at altitudes of up to 300,000 feet. The target missile includes a digital autopilot, a telemetry system for flight evaluation and a command/control system allowing lateral maneuvers for course correction as well as dives and pull-ups to simulate missile threats. The target provides weapons training and weapons development and evaluation for the DoD and NATO countries.


Length: 168.25 inches
Wingspan: 39.52 inches
Weight: 620 pounds
Speed: Min: Mach 0.7 Max: Mach 4.0
Range: 90 - 105 nmi