FRCSW 2023 Navair Leadership Development Program and Journey Leadership Development Program Graduates 

Enhancing Leadership Development at FRCSW: NLDP and JLDP

The U.S. Navy prides itself on developing leaders and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is no different. NAVAIR is committed to nurturing leadership excellence through multiple programs such as the NAVAIR Leadership Development Program (NLDP) and the Journey Leadership Development Program (JLDP). These programs, overseen by Julie Guy, NLDP Program Administrator, Kristen Henderson, JLDP Program Administrator, and Dr. James Ward, NAVAIR Leader Development Continuum (NLDC) Program Manager offer unique pathways for career enrichment and leadership growth.

The NLDP is designed to elevate leadership and managerial capabilities among civilian and military personnel. Eligibility for the NLDP extends to civilian employees at the GS-12 supervisory level or GS-13 Step 1 - to GS-15 Step 10 (salary equivalent GS-13 step 1 through GS-15 step 10 for all other pay-bands e.g. STRL/ FWS/AcqDemo), as well as military personnel ranging from E-7 to E-9, CWO2 to CWO5, and O-4 and above. The program aims to support the NAVAIR mission by developing high-potential employees, enhancing workforce leadership and managerial talent, and investing in people to strengthen the NAVAIR workforce. Participants can expect to gain invaluable leadership and productivity skills, expand their professional networks, increase visibility within the organization, and access enhanced developmental and educational opportunities.

Participation in the NLDP involves a maximum three-year part-time commitment, during which participants engage in core leadership courses and initiative-based developmental activities. Core courses such as Leadership Orientation and Foundational Training (LOFT), Washington Arena Seminar (WAS), NLDP Business Acumen (NBA), and Cultivating Innovation and Your Leadership Vision (CILV) form the foundation of this program. Initiative-based activities include completing a developmental assignment (minimum 6 months), identifying formal mentors and mentees, developing and maintaining an Individual Development Plan (IDP), attending leadership and diversity seminars, participating in annual Senior Leader shadowing activities, and submitting annual biography and resume updates.

The NLDP application cycle for 2024 was open from February 5 to March 27. Applicants were required to detail their work experiences, address Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model, and reflect on their leadership gaps and anticipated contributions to NAVAIR’s mission.

The JLDP is tailored for military and civilian government employees seeking to enhance their leadership skills in joint environments. The one-year program focuses on developing competencies such as leading people, achieving results, and building coalitions to meet organizational goals effectively.

The JLDP application process seeks eligible candidates who demonstrate potential for leadership growth and commitment to advancing NAVAIR's mission. Eligibility extends to military personnel ranging from E-4 to E-6, and officers O-1 to O-3 level. For civilian employees, eligibility includes those that are   GS-9 to GS-13 (salary equivalent GS-9 step 1 through GS-13 step 10 for all other pay-bands e.g. STRL/FWS/AcqDemo).

Participants in the JLDP engage in a structured curriculum that encompasses essential leadership competencies. The program emphasizes experiential learning through real-world assignments such as job shadowing, mentorship opportunities, virtual leadership courses and competency specific online training. Participants are encouraged to explore innovative approaches to leadership and leverage their experiences to drive positive change within the organization.

Participants in the JLDP can expect to gain valuable insights, skills, and networks that will enhance their leadership effectiveness in complex joint environments. The program provides a platform for personal and professional growth, empowering individuals to excel as leaders within NAVAIR and beyond. It is highly encouraged that eligible individuals seize this opportunity to expand their horizons, drive meaningful change, and contribute to the success of the organization. 

The JLDP application cycle for 2024 was open from March 4th to April 26. JLDP open application cycle takes place once a year in the spring. Candidates are required to submit a detailed application highlighting their relevant work experience and addressing specific Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model. Applicants should reflect on their leadership gaps and articulate how their participation in the program will contribute to NAVAIR’s strategic objectives.

Both the NLDP and JLDP represent remarkable opportunities for motivated individuals to enhance their leadership capabilities, contribute meaningfully to NAVAIR's mission, and pave the way for personal and professional growth. We encourage all eligible employees to consider applying for these programs and embark on transformative journeys towards leadership excellence at FRCSW. For detailed application guidelines and inquiries, please refer to official communications from the NLDP team and Career Planning and Development Division (CPDD). Let's continue to invest in our workforce and cultivate a culture of leadership excellence at FRCSW.

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