A satellite sits on Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland.

Atlantic Test Ranges

The Atlantic Test Ranges

The Atlantic Test Ranges (ATR) controls and schedules range assets and services for conducting aircraft and weapons research, development, test, evaluation and training events on the east coast of the United States. We work closely with the Aircraft Instrumentation Systems Division to develop special flight-test instrumentation and data acquisition systems for naval aviation testing. Range professionals also collaborate with colleagues in the Integrated Battlespace Simulation and Test Department to provide Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) test environments, and the Atlantic Targets & Marine Operations Division for land, sea and aerial target services.

ATR’s open-air range and ground-test facilities developed for RDT&E also have tremendous application for fleet and warfighter pre-deployment systems grooming and readiness training exercises. ATR coordinates training events in airspace at ATR or at sites around the country – from small, unit-level events to large-scale, joint exercises.

ATR provides:

  • Range and ground test facilities and mobile assets for T&E and training support to Naval Aviation Enterprise, DoD, foreign military sales and commercial customers

  • Decision-quality data during T&E and training missions

  • Safe, instrumented, controlled open-air flight testing / training in air, land, and sea arenas – locally and deployable world-wide

  • Positive airspace control and management of special-use, restricted airspace in designated warning / restricted areas covering regions over the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean

  • Test management / coordination / range safety

  • High-rate telemetry data delivery using the Real-time Telemetry Processing System (RTPS)

  • Voice communications

  • Data processing and display

  • Radio frequency management

  • Time, Space, Position Information of tracked air vehicles / vessels / ordnance

Mobile range assets allow ATR to support test programs across the country, aboard ships and around the world – using proven range systems. Mobile assets are available for telemetry, optical, electronic warfare, weather, frequency monitoring, photogrammetrics, and signature measurement capabilities.

Contact Information

Atlantic Test Ranges Test Management | [email protected] | (301) 342-1197