MUX Program Prize Challenge

The Navy announced prize challenges May 22 for its future Marine Air/Ground Task Force, Unmanned Aerial System, Expeditionary (MUX), a ship-based, long endurance UAS.

The Navy’s Multi-Mission Tactical UAS program office (PMA-266) at NAVAIR will oversee MUX. The program team intends to use all available methods of engineering and test to decrease time to field and increase first pass yield on its material solution. They also intend to use best of breed model based systems engineering, capabilities based test and evaluation and mid-tier acquisition as tools to decrease cycle time.

The Navy awarded four prize challenges awards Nov. 21 for design concepts that will help define payloads for tier-one MUX missions. Payload challenge submissions were scored and evaluated by a panel of judges. The winning vendors in each prize challenge will receive $700,000 for first place; $200,000 for second place; and $100,000 for third place.

The results of these prize challenges will inform follow-on efforts to define airframe and power- plant requirements. The Navy expects to refine their approach to further develop the MUX capability. The Marine Corps is looking to field MUX as critical capability supporting forward deployed expeditionary units as a key part of the Commandant’s Planning Guidance. For more information on prize challenges visit

Official Rules for the MUX prize challenges

Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Payload Prize Challenge Official Rules

Data Relay (DR) Payload Prize Challenge Official Rules 

Electronic Warfare (EW) Payload Prize Challenge Official Rules

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Payload Prize Challenge Official Rules

(as of Oct.30, 2019)

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