Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) Apprenticeship Program


18 October Apprenticeship Industry Day
29 October Job Announcement - USA Jobs
Department of the Navy (DoN) seeks to attract and retain a high performing and diverse workforce in which employees' differences are respected and valued to better meet the varying needs of the diverse customers we serve. Careers with the Department of the Navy provide competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and extensive professional development and training. At FRCSW, we offer innovative, exciting and meaningful work linking military and civilian talents to achieve our mission and safeguard our freedoms. The FRCSW Apprenticeship Program fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment that promotes collaboration, flexibility and fairness so that all individuals are able to participate and contribute to their full potential.




Electronics Mechanic Aircraft Electrician Advanced Composite Fabricator
Electrician Machinist Aircraft Painter
Electrical Equipment Repairer Production Machinery Mechanic Aircraft Launch & Arresting Devices Mechanic (ALADS)
Aircraft Mechanic Composites Fabricator Instrument Mechanic
Aircraft Engine Mechanic Electronic Industrial Control Mechanic Aircraft Jig & Fixture Builder
Pneudralic Systems Mechanic Sheet Metal Mechanic Precision Measurement Equipment Calibrator




  • Paid Apprentice Program
  • Full Time- 40 hours a week
  • School courses and trade theory
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Retirement Annuity
  • Leave and Holidays
  • Competitive Civilian Salaries
  • Work/Life Programs



We have a commitment to those who have served and those who are serving. We're proud to provide solutions and services that advance the strength and security of America and its allies. We proudly offer an environment where veterans and reservists can continue doing mission-centered work.

Hiring wounded warriors is one of our Navy's top priorities! Their skills and experience will make our organizations stronger. Learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).



Electronics Mechanic (2604)

Overhauls, disassembles, repairs, modifies, assembles, tests, troubleshoots, aligns, installs and performs maintenance on electronic equipment, such as electronic analog and digital computer components; modules which contain integrated circuits; multilayered printed circuit boards, subassemblies, receivers, power supplies, transmitters, chassis and electronic systems.


Electrician (2805)

Constructs, maintains, installs, modifies, and repairs various electrical wiring systems, electrical controls, electrically operated equipment and instruments, and light and heavy electrical machinery. Responds to electrical emergency calls, making a decision as to what repairs and/or installations are needed and performing the necessary work.


Electrical Equipment Repairer (2854)

Disassembly, repair, modification, overhaul, assembly, testing, installation, and maintenance of a variety of complex electrical/electronic and electromechanical systems, equipment, and accessories such as generators, power supplies, invertors, convertors, generator control units, generator convertor units, actuators, fans, motors, voltage regulators, fuel indicators, landing gear control, and other electrical/electronic items that have been removed from aircraft, missiles, ground support or industrial equipment, ships, tracked, or heavy wheeled vehicles.


Aircraft Electrician (2892)

Performs a variety of complex electrician duties on various fixed, rotary wing and traineraircraft and aircraft components. They troubleshoot, repair, modify; calibrate and preform final functional and operational tests of complex electrical systems and accessories, installs electrical systems and equipment.


Instrument Mechanic (3359)

Performs work involved in routine repair and checkout of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electronic components, assemblies, and devices that requireonly limited or minor adjustments and where problem analysis is repetitive. Examples of components serviced are pressure and vacuum gauges, quantity and directional indicators, transducers, regulators, and synchro and gearassemblies. Repair devices that have little or no interaction between components that would complicate repair and test procedures


Machinist (3414)

Manufactures, repairs, and rebuilds parts and items of equipment from raw stock of different metals and metal alloys such as stainless steel alloys, aluminum, titanium, magnesium and other materials such as rubber, plastics, and nylon through the use of conventional or computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools and precision handwork.



Sheet Metal Mechanic (3806)

Performs a variety of complex and advanced metal repair, fabrication, plan, layout and structural disassembly/assembly of aircraft and aircraft components. Assists equivalent and lower graded workers in the full range of their duties. Constructs, assembles and installs irregular items/systems. Devises complex templates/patterns into shapes, e.g.; rectangular, cylindrical, tapered, etc.


Composites Fabricator (4352)

Disassembles, overhauls, repairs, replaces, and modifies miscellaneous aircraft composite assemblies and/or parts. Fabricates, assembles, and repairs primary and secondary aircraft structures utilizing advanced composite materials and production methods. Disassemble fastened and bonded surfaces according to prescribed composite technique, make structural airframe repairs and install them by means of fasteners and/or bonded composite materials, Fabricate and make structural repairs to metal and laminated type structures by bolted or bonded constructions.


Aircraft Painter (4102)

Examines, evaluates, prepares and applies protective and decorative coatings and paint finishes to aircraft components, engines components, GSE and other major components. Paints insignias, lettering and designs on selected components. Applies decalcomania transfers and stencils to identify or decorate aircraft, engine, and GSE components. Performs high finish, critical tolerance painting on aircraft, engine, and GSE components. Applies specialized and sophisticated coating material to high speed aircraft and engine components such as lacquers, silicones, metal, dry film lubricants, and weather resistant polyurethane. Applies moisture barrier coatings for corrosion control. Mixes paint coatings to required viscosity for individual jobs. Mixes and pumps, for application of silicone rubber to engine components.


Aircraft Launch and Arresting Devices (ALAD) Mechanic (5301)

The work involves the dismantling, repairing, relocating, modifying, maintaining, aligning, and installing of a wide variety of marine machinery, equipment, and systems such as Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) systems, propulsion machinery, propellers, rudders, cargo handling machinery, lifeboat davits, anchor handling gear, and missile tube equipment that are located aboard submarines, ships, and other floating craft. The work requires a practical knowledge of the mechanical, hydraulic, catapult, arresting gear and pneumatic systems and components of diverse marine machinery and their attachments.


Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic (8255)

Disassembles, examines, routes for process, assembles, modifies and repairs assigned hydraulic, pneudraulic, fuel, pneumatic and electrical accessories. Pneudraulic systems mechanics disassemble, repair, rebuild, modify, test, troubleshoot, and install more complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems with more extensive repairing, testing, and troubleshooting sequences than the components and systems characteristic of grade 9 level. Systems assigned to grade 10 level mechanics are more complex in that they are designed to adjust automatically to factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, or rate of change of velocity, or have sensing devices that feed back into the system information on the systems' performance.


Aircraft Engine Mechanic (8602)

Aircraft engine mechanics have skill and through knowledge in installing, removing, operating, and repairing a variety of conventional and modified aircraft engines and accessory systems in order to troubleshoot, maintain, repair, and/or test different types of engines in aircraft test cells, maintenance shops, and on the flight line. They have thorough knowledge of repair methods, degrees of disassembly necessary, and the extent of rework required before reassembly.


Aircraft Mechanic (8852)

Installs, adjusts, aligns, troubleshoots, and performs final functional and operational tests on a variety of major aircraft systems, their assemblies, components, and prototypes, i.e., airframe, landing gear, power plant, rotor drive, gear boxes, rotor heads, rotor blades, pumps, and hydraulic, pressurization, utility, fuel, oil, pneumatic, and flight control systems, safety and survival equipment, etc., during overhaul, repair, or modification. Connects related systems such as hydraulic/pneudraulic and cable systems to newly installed or repaired units. Completes check out procedures to ensure proper operation.


Electronic Industrial Control Mechanic (2606)

Apply knowledge of electrical and electronic block diagrams, wiring diagrams, and schematics in order to understand the construction and operation of the industrial controls and troubleshoot malfunctions. When assignments include digital devices, they apply knowledge of simple logic diagrams to follow the signal and determine appropriate voltage conditions. They must know electronics theory, including transistor and solid state diode theory, operation of pulse forming networks, voltage and current comparison networks such as the Wheatstone Bridge or other balancing networks, and basic electron tube theory.


Precision Measurement Equipment Calibrator (3378)

Performs testing, calibration, diagnostics repair, and certification of electronic measurement equipment, electro-mechanical equipment, and mechanical test systems. Aligns, troubleshoots, tests, inspects, repairs, modifies, calibrates and certifies precision measurement equipment such as, RF, microwave equipment, oscilloscopes, time base, audio, power, DC measurements, and voltmeters.


Production Machinery Mechanic (5350)

Repairs, maintains, installs, and overhauls a variety of industrial production machinery, equipment and facilities. Examples are: conventionally and numerically controlled machine tools; metal forming equipment; test equipment and facilities; hydraulic, pneumatic, cryogenic, and chemical systems, etc. Investigates machinery/equipment malfunctions after receiving information as to the probable nature of the problem Effects needed repairs by replacing, reworking, or refurbishing worn or damaged parts and components. Reassembles and installs equipment or components; checks and makes required adjustments in alignments, clearances, pressures, or temperatures. Performs operational and functional tests to ensure proper and safe operation. Performs preventative maintenance on a periodic or scheduled basis.


A/C Jig and Fixture Builder (3401) FPL-WG-11:

Build major jigs, fixtures, test equipment, handling jigs, and master gauges where compound angles, complex contours, basic and projected reference points where several planes are to be established.



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Work on state-of-the-art aviation and shipboard technology

Four year combination work/study program

"Earn while you learn"

Paid tuition for all required classes