Our New Employee Process

Civilian new hires assigned to FRCSW will undergo a check-in process managed by the Human Resouces Office (HRO) to prepare them to work at FRCSW safely and efficiently. This process will guide them through completing payroll and security forms, briefing in financial and other benefits, being advised of safety and security responsibilities, acquiring needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and finding out more about FRCSW's mission and their new job.


                           The Check-In Process: A Summary


The Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR) will:

  • Contact the new employee via a formal job offer letter informing the employee of their position, grade series, job location, salary, and the effective date of the action.
    FRCSW HRO will:
  • Contact the new civilian employee via email and/or phone call to inform them of their official reporting date, how to enter the installation at the Visitor Control center, which building to report to, report time, what documents are required, and other needed information.
  • Conduct the New Employee Orientation program and provide the new hire with specific information concerning the Check-In process.
  • Instruct the new employee how to use and return the Civilian Check-In Record form.
  • Inform the new employee of the various building locations in which to Check-In.
    The new employee will be directed to the designated Administrative Support Assistant to initiate the Check-In process.
    Immediate Supervisor or Assigned Sponsor will:
  • Review, verify, or document all requisite Check-In procedures with the employee.
    Industrial Occupational Safety and Health Division will:
  • Issue PPE and provide training, where required.
  • Brief new employee on the various work hazards within their workplace and/or of their occupation.
  • If Occupational Health determines the new employee is a candidate for the audiogram examination, the employee will be given the exam the same day.
    Tool Control (Tool Room) will:
  • Enter new employee's name into the tool room database for tool issuance.
  • Instruct new employee in how to maintain their tools in accordance with instructions.
    Comptroller Group (Payroll) will:
  • Review for accuracy the employee's completed W-2 form, W-4 form, and Direct Deposit forms.
    Information Assurance Office will:
  • Provide a System Authorization Access Request Navy (SAAR) Form.
    Administrative Support Division will check employee in to the following programs:
  • Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC).
  • Transportation Incentive Program (TIP).
  • Defense Travel Service (DTS).
    Office of Counsel will:
  • Brief the new employee on ethical conduct and Counsel office functions.
  • Provide Ethics for Federal Employees Pamphlet.
    Industrial Quality Department will:
  • Complete an Individual Qualifications Record sheet (IQR) document identifying all training received.
    AIRSpeed Department will:
  • Schedule a meeting for new employee with the AIRSpeed Director, or designee.
  • Enter new employee's information into the Continuous Performance Improvement Management System (CPIMS).
    Industrial Security Division (Security) will:
  • Conduct initial orientation, to include the following:
    • General security and physical security information.
    • Requirements of wearing employee badges.
    • Classified information and the need for its protection.
    • Penalties for the willful disclosure of classified information and engaging in espionage activity.
    • Reporting attempts by unauthorized persons to gain information.
    • FRCSW security policy and procedures briefing.
    • Provide employee with required documents and forms to complete.
                                                                      This summary of the employee check-in process is in reference to FRCSW Instruction 12293.1D.