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China Lake, California

The Electronic Combat Range (ECR) is the Navy's principle open-air range for test and evaluation of airborne electronic combat systems. The ECR provides a realistic electronic combat environment and offers a wide variety of threat simulations, surrogates and actual systems, providing a threat-rich environment. The 1,200 square miles of restricted airspace overlying 100 square miles of Navy land offers ample room for either single- or multi-platform events. The combination of available assets, real estate and instrumentation make ECR the ideal environment for Navy, U.S. and Coalition electronic warfare systems testing. ECR is also used for training, homeland security testing and tactics development.

Open-air hardware-in-the-loop testing at the ECR helps bridge the gap between laboratory and open-air testing. Long before a system is ready for flight testing, the hardware can be tested against an assortment of threat systems and advanced technology simulators.

Top secret and special-access security is available with minimum electromagnetic interference. ECR supports a combination of land and Naval systems (littoral threat). The ECR provides engineering support, developmental and operational test and evaluation, analysis and training resources for users of systems that counter or penetrate air defenses.

At ECR, aircrew have the opportunity in a single mission to combat both an air-to-air threat and a surface-to-air threat as well as complete an air-to-ground strike mission.

Multiple threat systems are available: actual, surrogate and simulated. A broad range of electronic warfare technologies are offered: pulse, continuous wave, Doppler, multi-spectral, and Blue and Gray systems. Test emitter spectrums include infrared, radio frequency, electro-optical, millimeter wave and laser. All systems use audio and video instrumentation to collect extensive digital flight test data.

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