Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance
MilitaryFlight Operational Quality Assurance (MFOQA) - Providing timely and quantitative information from every flight to improve safety and operational readiness. More aircraft today are lost due to mishaps than are lost in combat. Between 70-80% of the losses are attributable to preventable human error – which is often difficult to predict and typically unintentional.  In response to this and in the face of escalating mishap costs, SECDEF set a goal of reducing mishaps by 50% by FY05 and expanded the goal in the Navy Safety Campaign Plan of 2005-2006 to 75% by FY08.

Memorandums were issued by OSD and SECNAV to begin a Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance (MFOQA) Process Implementation as part of achieving the stated safety goals.

MFOQA provides a knowledge management process that analyzes flight data to identify human error and impending material failure before they lead to mishaps. To accomplish this, MFOQA will perform:

  • Post Mission Aircrew Debrief (PMAD) for flight visualization and aircrew debrief;
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Troubleshooting System (AMATS) for analysis and material fault isolation;
  • Flight Data Analysis (FDA) for monitoring the safe and efficient operation of aircraft.

To learn more about MFOQA, please view the presentation posted below: