Fleet Sustainment Team (FST)
Fleet Sustainment Team (FST) - Fleet Support Expertise for Out of Production Systems. FST performs fleet-focused life cycle support of PMA209 out-of-production avionics systems. Our primary mission is to ensure fleet safety and readiness at the lowest possible cost. There are more than 200 PMA209 out-of-production systems in the FASST product-line. These include communication, navigation, flight mission information, and flight safety systems. Our lifecycle support effort addresses the hardware system along with all associated support equipment, technical data, support equipment and lab test equipment needed to allow effective fleet mission execution. Key Focus Areas for (FST):

Proactive Supportability Analysis

  • Predicts the long term supportability posture of the PMA209 out-of-production systems product-line.
  • Addresses supportability and sustainment issues to ensure effective fleet mission execution.

Ongoing Fleet Operation and Sustainment Cost Reduction Efforts
  • Identify Fleet reliability and maintenance cost drivers.
  • Implement product and maintenance process improvement efforts to address the issues identified
Life Cycle Support of the PMA209 Common Avionics Out-Of-Production System Product Line
  • Performs parts obsolescence-related redesigns to reduce lifecycle cost.
  • Ensures that all avionics products will allow Fleet mission execution for their planned service life.
Fleet Support Team
  • Provides technical and logistics support assistance to the fleet as a service to FASST and all PMA209 in-production Integrated Product Teams (IPTs).
Operations and Maintenance, Navy (O&M,N) Budget Services
  • Provide consultation support and management oversight across PMA209 for the O&M,N budget.
Engineering Services
  • Provide fleet and NAVAIR hardware and software consultation services to allow effective life cycle support of the out-of-production systems product line.
Common Flight Information Recorder Analysis Lab (CFIRAL)
  • Provides a Center of Excellence for Navy flight data recorder downloads in the event of a fleet aircraft mishap.

The Fleet Support Team can be reached via email at
  • PMA209 FST
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