Common Aircraft Recorder Technology (CART)

CNO Policy Memorandum on Aircraft Safety Systems Avionics Sep 3 2009 mandates the incorporation and installation of required avionics systems, to include Crash Survivable Recorders (CSRs), in Navy and Marine Corps aircraft.
CSRs are designed to record and protect aircraft information in-flight, to aid in the determination of mishap causal factors. A modern CSR combines the functions of both a flight data recorder and flight instrument recorder, including aircraft performance, aircraft system status and cockpit voice and/or video recording into a single digital data retention system designed to survive or avoid the destructive forces of an aircraft crash.
Current customers include C-130T, C-2A, F/A-18C/D, and MV/CV-22B.

Repair Contract vehicle for legacy CSRs
GE Aviation 3246 CSMU

GE Aviation 3246 CSMU
GE Aviation 3253A, 3253C VADR
C-2A, C-130T, F/A-18C/D, VH-3D, VH-60N

GE Aviation 3253A, 3253C VADR
Procurement Contract vehicle for new CSRs
GE Aviation 3253K VADR
MV/CV-22B, E-2D

GE Aviation 3253K VADR
FY12 Program start for future common CSRs
Common CSR/Beacon

Common CSR/ Beacon