Aircraft Wireless Internal Communications System (AWICS)

Aircraft Wireless Internal Communications System (AWICS) is intended for use by aft aircrew aboard USN/USMC airborne rotary wing and cargo/transport platforms.  NAVAIR has entered into a partnership with Army Aviation to procure a COTS/NDI wireless solution that has completed Developmental Test aboard Army rotary wing aircraft.  Partnership also includes completion of development program to incorporate Type One encryption capability into system.  Funding has been approved to complete development, procurement, and retrofit aircraft installations.

Informal quick look evaluations onboard CH-53E and CH-46E have shown that the system is capable of meeting the needs of the Navy and Marine Corps.

AWICS logo

Aircraft Interface Unit (AIU) image
Aircraft Interface Unit (AIU)


Baseline Mobile Equipment (ME) image
Baseline Mobile Equipment (ME)

AWICS takes a common systems approach, with continued use of existing ICS systems and incorporation of wireless narrowband frequency hopping spread spectrum technology.


  • Replaces long cords
  • Aircraft Interface Unit "bolts-on" to existing hard wired ICS
  • Aircrew outfitted with small, lightweight transceivers  
  • Corded ICS available as back-up
  • Safety System Upgrade
  • Very low probability of intercept
  • Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
  • 50 selectable independent channels
  • Rechargeable battery power source 

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