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Target Systems :: GQM-163A

General Description
The Supersonic Sea Skimming Target (SSST) System is a non-recoverable, supersonic aerial target, capable of speeds of Mach 2 or greater and altitudes from 13.0 to 66.0 feet (absolute). The SSST System is capable of meeting the Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ASCM) threat simulation requirements for Test and Evaluation (T&E) of weapon systems. The SSST System air vehicle will be capable of being air or surface (land or shipboard) launched, and will simulate the high fidelity ASCM (Threat C) requirement. The SSST System air vehicle is capable of operation with current augmentation, scoring and range hardware.

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Primary Function The SSST is used to simulate ASCM in the low supersonic performance regime. The SSST is used primarily for special Test and Evaluation requirements.

  • Diameter

  • 13 inches
    Weight 1668 - 1740 lbs

    Payload Capable of carrying TA/AS
    Launch Platform Ground
    Recovery N/A
    Cruise: Mach 2.5 @ 50.0 ft (absolute)
    Terminal: Mach 2.5 @ 13.0 ft (absolute)
    Altitude 13 ft to 66 ft (absolute)
    Range Total: 45.0 nmi
    Cruise: 35.0 nmi
    Terminal: 10.0 nmi
    Endpoint Accuracy +/- 100 ft
    Maneuvers Lateral: 10.0 g
    Vertical: 5.0 g
    Propulsion Solid fuel rocket
    Operating Sites PMRF (IOC FY-2010),NAWCWD (Pt Mugu)
    Command & Control UHF for guidance and control systems, Command destruct receiver for flight termination system
    Location and ID AN/DPN-90 (V) 1 (V)1, Radar Tracking Transponder
    Scoring AN/DSQ-50A Scalar Scorer
    Emitter AN/DPT-2B
    Points of Contact IPT Leader:  PEO(U&W) PMA-2081
    (301) 757-6113